About Dental Bliss

Our Vision

A Friendly and Happy Dental Community

     Dental Bliss strives to offer full, professional dental services to all patients. We are ready to serve Rama III community and its vicinity.
Our Mission

Professional service at an affordable price

     Professional service does not need to be expensive. At Dental Bliss, the fully-trained staff is always there for all your dental needs. Fully-equipped with reliable and most updated technology in dental treatment, a visit to Dental Bliss is always worth the price. We also offer you that extra (s)mile with a variety of payment options, be it paying in installments, credit card or pay-as-you-go option.
Dental Bliss Facilities & Technology
     Our modern instruments and facilities meet the country?s standard. Patients can sit back and relax on our A-Dec 200 dental chair, knowing that their full-mouth x-ray scan from Gendex Orthoralix 9200 gives the best result for our dentists to analyze. Every piece of dental instruments and utensils are fully sterilized according to the world?s upheld standards.

Rest assured that you are given the best service in the convenience of your time.

     Dental Bliss boasts four state-of-the-art dental units, a stunning panoramic digital x-ray generator, and countless up-market dental brands you can trust. We are delighted to welcome you in our sleek, modern, minimal, cubic-art inspired lounge, with wifi internet access and drink corner.
      4 Dental Units
      Panoramic Digital X-Ray
      Modern and reliable dental instruments
      Spacious lounge
      Wireless Internet access and drink corner

Dental Bliss is the only dental practice in Rama III that offers full-scale dental services. We aim to be the dental hub of Rama III community, as well as being accessible by all.

4 Dental Units Wireless Internet Access and Drink Corner Spacious Lounge Panoramic Digital X-Ray Professional DentalBliss Team