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Colombia was actually the very first country I saw in SouthAmerica. After investing a year lifestyle in Mexico, I caught a flight to Bogota, the funds. I really possessed no idea what to assume.

I liked it a lot that I found yourself spending 2 months in the country, and after that created pair of even more trips over the following numerous years. As a male, it’s risk-free to state that lovely Colombian females were actually most definitely the factor for my lengthy break.

Safety as well as Surveillance

Before our company dive into what it’ s like dating Colombian ladies’, let ‘ s go over the elephant in the space: protection and safety and security. While Colombia is a reasonably easily accessible nation from United States and Canada (it’ s just 3 hrs from Miami), if there was actually one reason that avoids individuals from getting along a trip it’ s asking yourself whether they will be robbed and/or abducted the instant they get out of the airport terminal.

This is something that kept me up also, however eachof those stress disappeared as quickly as I showed up in Colombia; I experienced the contrary emotion: I was actually pleasingly stunned withjust how every thing was actually safe and also coordinated. In fact, you might not strongly believe when I inform you this: yet I really feel that Colombia is just one of the absolute most safe nations in eachof SouthAmerica (apart from Chile, but also Chile could be questionable).

It’ s certainly more secure than Southamerica, Argentina and also, naturally, venezuelan girls , whichis quickly coming down right into a broken state. Feel confident, you are going to be totally safe provided that you stick the big cities and also don’ t walk out wandering in to the forest.

The females

No concern just how you check out it, Colombian girls are actually special. Several mention they’ re one of the most beautiful ladies in Latin The United States. I undoubtedly need to acknowledge. They might not be actually the sexiest (I assume Dominican females take this reward) and also they might not one of the most amazing (Brazilian females grab this prize), however I will mention they’ re the most elegant as well as stylish.

In several methods, they’ re really ” Latin ” that Dominican and Brazilian ladies aren’ t. They manifest every thing that’ s eachreally good and also poor regarding Latin United States as an information, society, and also sense.

It’ s also no wonder that Colombian women help make most of females that are actually designated in the popular Classical United States telenovelas that are exported across the world. Most of these telenovelas are actually additionally filmed in Colombia at the same time.

As muchas I’ m anxious, a Colombian woman is actually the whole bundle. They’ re ideal for a wonderful night out on the community of salsa as well as bachata dancing. They’ re also perfect as the mom of your youngsters as well as the caretaker for your palace. A number of the girls that I have actually courted throughout Colombia make perfect wives and mothers and also are ideal for raising a household with. I mean that’ s the outcome of strong importance of the family members as well as the Catholic religious beliefs.

Nevertheless, not every one of them are actually angels. Muchlike along withany sort of females, Colombian ladies could be incredibly manipulative as well as have no agitations concerning going withthey desire along witha male that’ s flimsy and can “‘ t simply claim ” No & rdquo
; to his female.


Colombian women are likewise extremely feminine. While I strongly believe Russian as well as Ukrainian women are just one of the absolute most feminine worldwide, Colombian girls aren’ t that considerably responsible for.

It’ s because of their feminineness as well as enthusiasm that entire telenovelas (daytime soap) have been filmed in Colombia along withColombian starlets.

Plus, Colombian emphasis has been discussed by numerous to be among the sexiest and also clearest Spanishaccents in the Spanish-speaking world. A lot of that results from the inherent amorousness and also womanhood of Colombian ladies.


Along along withtheir conventional nature, Colombian girls are likewise extremely typical. They’ re quite family members adapted. A lot of their lifestyle reason has to do withlocating the right guy, getting married as well as having little ones.

While I feel most Latin American countries are actually conventional, Colombia is definitely some of the muchmore typical ones. There’ s little bit of to no feminist movement viewed anywhere as well as the suggestion that men are somehow their opponent repels several Colombian women who value patriarchy.


Similar to Brazilian ladies, there’ s a belief that Colombian ladies are actually somehow effortless. A lot of that is because of the whole Latin society as well as reggaeton culture that reveals a considerable amount of females withshort clothes dancing to some fast beats. In fact, that can’ t be actually even farther from the reality.

Generally speaking, Colombian ladies are actually pretty conventional. Part of that is actually because of religion: they’ re ardent fans of Roman Catholicism and most of all of them don’ t even rely on sexual activity just before marital relationship.

Nevertheless, unlike in Ukraine and Russia, there are actually women who are going to absolutely sleep withyou on the first night. So, you most definitely acquire bothsides of the desk.

Are Colombian women quick and easy?

A significant mistaken belief concerning Colombian females is whether they’ re simple or not. Because they ‘ re alluring as well as future, people automatically outstanding that they give away sex like rewards at a local area county fair.

This can not be actually better coming from the reality. While they’ re effortless Colombian girls- just like anywhere else around the world- your typical Colombian woman doesn’ t easily produced on the 1st time. Don’t forget, a lot of all of them are coming from good Catholic family members. Rather, you must reacquaint yourself along withour long-lost friend: the 3-day guideline.


Colombian girls are actually understood for numerous points, but there’ s something they ‘ re well known for: flakiness. Colombian girls have mastered the fine art of vowing to meet on a certain night and afterwards choosing certainly not to appear at the final possible min. Occasionally they must good behavior to let you understand in advance, but normally they just determine they wear’ t would like to observe you and wear’ t appear.

While women scale all around the globe, there ‘ s nowhere else around the world that I occur to witness suchbehavior coming from women. They’ re merely masters at it.

Men coming from all walks of life have suffered withthis and have actually developed different techniques to fight this. Some guys have actually claimed that it’ s better for the girls to verify the date before you start. The idea is that this creates the female commit muchmore in to your approaching day and, thus, very likely that the real day will definitely take place.

Naturally, different men created various tactics to deal withflakiness.

When it concerns my viewpoint on scabs, it’ s extremely straightforward: a girl flakes on you considering that you’ re certainly not of highest possible priority for her as well as one thing extra pushing has actually appeared: a man turned up, she made other strategies along withher good friends, her pet ate her homework, and so on

The merely means to combat flakiness is to be busy. Get to know other women, create buddies withcitizens, work withyour very own projects, acquire entailed along withother activities. This way if she carries out flake- and it will occur every so often- you succeeded’ t sweat it excessive given that you’ ll have various other factors happening in your lifestyle.

After investing years taking a trip and venezuela dating residing all over Latin United States, there’ s no question in my mind that Colombian women are a number of the absolute most wonderful ladies there.

Depending on the area you will definitely go, they will certainly either be actually closer to European decline (Bogota, Medellin) or even a lot more Latin-looking (Cali, Cartagena).

Obviously this is actually very subjective, however in my opinion, the absolute most gorgeous women in Colombia arise from Medellin. They’ re phoned ” paisas ” and also are actually remarkably wonderful, caring as well as cozy.

What’ s a regular day like?

Like in Southamerica as well as numerous various other nations around the globe, things run around the acquainted 3-day method in Colombia.

For the first day, you want to invite her to a nightclub or a bar. The goal needs to be about learning more about eachother, acquiring physical and perhaps making out in the direction of the end of the date.