Implants: Blissful solutions for the elderly

While some firstly-invented implants worked so well and lasted so long, the other failed. However, the innovators successfully managed to minimise the failure rate of the implants. The implants nowadays are developed for a strong and fast attachment to the human’s bone.

In addition, implants are also used as part of other artificial organs like ears. Dental implantation vaires in forms depending on the case. It could be for a single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, or even bridges. Implants are also used as the fixture for the whole-mount denture for the elderly.
















Most of the elder suffer from teeth losses and require replacement like denture. For those who lose all the teeth, the denture tends to be loose, not perfectly fit to the texture. In some cases, it causes pain and chewing difficulty which leads to less appetite, poor digesting system, mental conditions, etc. The elder may deny denture in the end. Therefore, implants were introduced to put an end to those problems. These newly-invented fixture will tighten the denture and minimise the subsequent pain. For this reason, the elderly could enjoy eating and could adapt to the denture faster.

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